About J's Agri

About J's Agri

"Coming from—and coming to—Japan's heartland"

To tap into the growing global popularity of Japanese food and Japanese agricultural and marine products, JTB has been organizing Japanese Foods "Premium" Trade Fairs sponsored by the Japanese Foods Trade Fair Executive Office. These trade fairs provide a forum for business negotiations and for the promotion of regional produce, with participants seeking to expand overseas markets for Japanese agricultural, fishery, and food products.

By taking advantage of networks established through these business meetings, JTB aims to establish distribution channels for selected Japan-made products. We will also promote regional development schemes supporting businesses that cater to inbound tourism. Products made by JTB are marketed under the brand name "J's Agri". We will keep working closely with producers to expand this business.

Under the concept of "Coming from—and coming to—Japan's heartland," J's Agri will grow overseas markets for Japan-made specialty food items. At the same time, we will search the country to find products made in locations that overseas tourists may want to visit in person.

An Example of J's Agri in Action—A Hilltop Orchard with an Ocean View Sales through e-commerce, etc. E-commerce website through Rosen International (S) Pte Ltd Japanican, a website for visitors to Japan Business negotiations

By connecting Japan's food, agriculture, and tourism with its culture and by conveying the country's charms to potential visitors here and abroad, the JTB Group will help to broaden cultural exchanges and enrich communities.

Food Agriculture Tourism Platform Deployed by the JTB Group