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At the moment, this site can be used in and ship items to Hong Kong.
*Please kindly understand that, depending on the country, there are some regions we cannot ship to. Please kindly contact customer service regarding regions that we cannot ship to.

See "Areas We Cannot Ship To" HERE

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Screen Payment Method
English Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners)
Chinese (Traditional) Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners)

If your credit card has a VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX or Diners mark, you can use it! However, any card that is not accepted internationally will not be eligible for use.

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• For customers who choose to pay by credit card

Your credit card is not charged at the time your order is submitted. JTB Western Japan, Corp. will submit the order total for settlement to the credit card company after the order has been shipped.
Please rest assured that we will not make any charges to your card for the order amount or for shipping & handling fees before the order has been shipped.

< Order Completion >

The number associated with your order (Order ID), order total, and shipping and handling charges will be displayed. Please confirm the contents of your order.

At the same time that your order is completed, we will send an email titled [Order Confirmation], which will contain information such as your order date, order ID, shipping address, order contents, and shipping & handling fees to your registered email address. As you will need this email when making an inquiry regarding your order, please keep a copy of it in your records.

About the Approximate Amount

View an estimate of the item price in your preferred currency!

"Just how much is Japanese yen anyway?" "Until I get to my cart, I have no idea how much I'm spending!" We heard your concerns, and in response, our site displays an estimate of the item price on the item first-look and detailed information pages, in the currency you are most familiar with.

< Please Note >

The estimated price is only a guide – the actual charged price will be in Japanese Yen.
The price estimate displayed will be determined by your browser’s language settings.

Shipping and Handling Charges

The shipping fees for delivery to a shipping address (including item import/export procedure costs) are included in the item amount.
Please kindly understand that the shipping method cannot be specified.


In general, we ship items within 14 days counting from the day after the order was placed.

However, there may be shipment delays depending on or due to the contents of the order, stock status, the volume of orders we are receiving, New Year holidays of suppliers, Obon holidays etc.
Furthermore, due to weather irregularities before harvesting and natural disasters such as typhoons, it may take considerable time for items to be delivered. Should shipment be delayed, customer service will contact you in advance.
PO boxes inside a post office or a private facility cannot be specified as the delivery address.
Regarding delivery to each country and region, please kindly understand that the method of shipment cannot be requested by the customer.
Items are sent via the local courier service of Yamato Logistics Hong Kong. Usually, items are delivered the Saturday the week after the order deadline date (Japan Time) displayed on the item information screen.
*This may take longer depending on the country, region or customs status.

< Item shipping notification via email >

We will send an email titled [Subject: Shipping Advice] to your register email address.
Information regarding the shipment date, tracking number of the courier and item shipment status will be included in the email.

*For customers using credit cards
We will process the transaction with your credit card company on the day that an order is shipped out.
Please kindly contact your credit card company directly regarding their billing date.

< Information on Shipping Courier Inquiries >

• Hong Kong Yamato Tracking : (Traditional Chinese) (English)
• Hong Kong Yamato Inquiry No. : 
(852) 2829-2222

Item Exchanges & Refunds

Please be sure to read the rules regarding item exchanges & refunds

For the agricultural products sold on the site, an item exchange or refund for a defective item will only be accepted if there is a defect in the item's condition immediately after delivery.
In the case of requesting an item exchange or refund, be sure to contact the company within 7 days of item arrival, providing the details of the item you wish to exchange or refund and a photo which shows its condition. Only items that the company has approved of after being contacted regarding will be exchanged or refunded.
Should the company be contacted after 7 days have passed since item arrival, or should there be no contact at all, the company may not be able to exchange or refund the item.

  Refund Exchanges
J's Agri At Fault
(wrong item/defective item/damaged item etc.)

Refund accepted.
Please read "1" below.

Exchange accepted.
Please read "3" below.
At The Customer's Convenience

(Refunds at the convenience of the customer are not accepted.)
Please read "2" below.

(Exchanges at the convenience of the customer are not accepted.)
Please read "4" below.

< Refund > *Refunds are only accepted when J's Agri is at fault.

1. In the case of "J's Agri at fault" (1-3 below)
  • (1) Should the delivered item be different from what was ordered (wrong shipment).
  • (2) Should the delivered item be in an inedible state due to rotting etc.
  • (3) Should the delivered item be damaged.
  • We will refund the item amount.
2. In the case of "at the customer's convenience"

Refunds are not accepted. Please kindly understand that we will not accept a refund due to an item being different in color, shape or appearance than the displayed item photograph.

< Item Exchange > *Exchanges are only accepted when J's Agri is at fault.

3. In the case of "J's Agri at fault" (1-3 below)
  • (1) Should the delivered item be different from what was ordered (wrong shipment).
  • (2) Should the delivered item be in an inedible state due to rotting etc.
  • (3) Should the delivered item be damaged.
  • We will send a replacement item.
4. In the case of "at the customer's convenience"

Item exchanges are not accepted. Please kindly understand that we will not accept an item exchange due to an item being different in color, shape or appearance than the displayed item photograph.

< How to Contact Us >

E-mail :

Open the Refunds & Exchanges Form and check the contents. Email us the all the information which is marked as being required on the form. When doing so, please be sure to enter "Refunds & Exchanges" as the email subject. J's Agri will then send an email of approval regarding the refund/exchange back to you. Take care to keep hold of the email sent to you by J's Agri. Also, please print out this email and send it back to us together with the items you wish to return.
*Please note that J's Agri will not accept any refunds or exchanges for items sent back without prior approval or communication, or items that were not given approval.

PDFOpen the PDF Refund & Exchanges Form HERE (PDF 382KB)

*To save, right click and then select "Save Target As".

Get Adobe ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher is required to view this file. If you don't have this, click on the icon to the right. For inquiries about downloading and/or installing, please contact Adobe Systems. Download from Adobe System's home page.

< Refund Method >

Item refunds will be performed as follows.

• Refund through the credit card that was used to purchase the item.

The item refund will be made through the credit card company that was used to purchase the merchandise. In the event of a refund through a credit card, rates for the item amount at the time of billing and at the time of refund may differ. Therefore, there may be a difference in the total amount refunded due to an exchange rate difference. Even if the customer should suffer a loss due to an exchange rate difference at the time of refund, J's Agri shall not recuperate this lost amount. Also, in the event of a credit card refund, depending on the different monthly deadlines of processing and pay dates, it may take as long as 2 months for the refund to process.

Date of Enactment: 5th September 2017


Contact address for inquiries related to orders, delivery, payment, item details/stock, etc.

• English
• Chinese (Traditional)

Business Hours: Weekdays (Mon. to Fri.), 10AM to 5PM (Japan Standard Time)
(Emails we receive on weekends, Japanese national holidays or company holidays will be responded to on or after our next business day.)

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