NEXT716 (Large Banana) Approx. 900 - 1,100g (5 units)

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This banana is a rare national product, pesticide-free and... wait! You can even eat its peel! The "NEXT716" is a sugary, soft textured banana of the Miyazaki prefecture grown and developed with special farming methods to make it cold resistant. Since there were no pesticides involved in the cultivation of these bananas, every pest control was taken care of manually. They were supervised under strict standards for them to be grown with the perfect temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, among others.
Furthermore, the "NEXT716" is extremely sweet, almost 15 times more than a normal banana. It has a great scent and rich, flavorful sweetness that lingers in your mouth. A really deluxe item. Unlike the imported bananas everywhere, there were no pesticides used, thus you can even eat the banana whole as is (peel included), make it a smoothie or put in any sort of recipe you see fit. You can have all the nutrients contained inside the peel! A national, pesticide-free product you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. A banana that steps outside the conventional simplicity it has always conveyed and transforms itself into a must-have at least one-in-a-lifetime luxurious item.

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[Producer Introduction] NEXT Farm Ltd.
The Miyazaki Sun Banana "NEXT716" is a banana grown under the sunny weather of the southern Kawaminami town in Miyazaki Prefecture. This prefecture is known for being the "the sunny heaven of Japan", always warm and with good weather all year round. The continuous sunlight exposure and the clear days creates the perfect environment for banana cultivation. Furthermore, there was one time that the seeds were put under a glacial simulation in order to develop a sweeter cold-resistant banana but only a few places were able to harvest it. Kawaminami was one of them and the first one in the prefecture!

●Ingredients: Banana
●7 Main Allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): None
●Content: Approx. 900-1,100g (5 units)
●Made in: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
●Manufacturer: NEXT Farm Ltd.
●Serving Instructions:
・Once the brown spots appear on the banana you can enjoy eating it as is or by peeling it.
*The brown spots appear when the banana is ripe enough for consumption.
・The unpeeled banana can be made into a smoothie or put into a salad. It contains a huge amount of nutrients that you can enjoy by cooking it any way you like.
・NEXT716 bananas can be kept at room temperature. Avoid refrigeration. Consume as soon as possible.
・We approximate the date when it is the sweetest, so eat upon arrival for better experience.
・This item is shipped to Hong Kong, Singapore and Japanese airports only.
・The delivery date may vary depending on various circumstances such as quarantine by the authorities in your country, the weather, etc.
・The delivery date and time cannot be specified.
・The listed item weight is only an approximation. The actual weight may differ.
・Due to the different shipping, and importing and exporting fees for each country, the item prices may also differ.
・The box and packaging can differ from those in the image. We ask for your understanding beforehand.
●Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature.
*Do not store in the refrigerator.
●Expiration date (depending on the manufacture): Good for eating upon delivery.
We approximate the date when it is the sweetest, so eat upon arrival for better experience.
Item No. JSA000548
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